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The 401(k) Market Has Opened Up!

Let's take a look at how to quickly build a sales model to take advantage of new opportunities!

Social Media & Coffee: Wake Up Your Social Media Presence

Learn how you can optimize your morning routine to maximize your social media presence, stay in front of your clients, and build a robust pipeline. Interactive presentation, so bring your iPad or connected device because we're doing this in real-time to add real value.

Define Outcome Investing

No doubt you’ve experienced client concerns regarding the recent volatility as result of COVID-19 and the ensuing market and economic turmoil. For many plan sponsors, this has created potential strains and concerns on defined benefit plans in terms of meeting target requirements. This session will help you to learn ways to customize the investment experience in terms of upside/downside capture over a specific time horizon, all while providing transparency, liquidity, and cost-effectiveness for the client.

Combating the Epidemic of 401(k) Accounts Without a Beneficiary

As auto enrollment has increased in popularity, the important but not urgent action to pick a beneficiary is very often not completed. The result of this problem is a tragic waste of time and resources in HR departments and even worse, wrecked legacies leaving devastated heirs. As auto enrollment gains in popularity, it’s not uncommon for large 401(k) plans to have over 78% of their accounts without a beneficiary. Join Randy and Cyndi for a discussion of the problem and some solutions.

Connecting With Generations

Each generation is impacted by different historical events that shape their mindset and relationship with money. Knowing the motivations and fears that each generation holds, allows advisors to make deeper connections with their clients and propose solutions that address their unique concerns. This presentations dives into the characteristics of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials and discusses ways to solve their needs.

Are Good Savers Good Spenders?

Health Care is Not a Six-Figure Word

Headlines regularly proclaim the enormous sums the average retiree will need for health care expenses in retirement. Health care is also, not surprisingly, often cited as the number one concern of pre-retirees in planning for retirement. Proprietary analysis of what most retirees actually experience reveals a very different story – one that can make planning for health care costs more manageable. This presentation will provide an overview of retirement health care costs – with some surprising insights into what they actually are and when they occur. Advisors will gain a deeper understanding of the health care topic and learn how they can incorporate retiree health care costs into the overall retirement planning they are already doing, reinforcing their role as a trusted expert on a critical topic.

The Retirement Industry in 2030: What Does the Future Hold?

Running a successful business long-term requires balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s unknowns. It means keeping a rock-solid foothold in your core offering while also being nimble enough to shift where the market demands. That’s true for the retirement industry as a whole, as well as for advisors who are trying to run a successful practice. We'll discuss what the future holds for the retirement business and what advisors do to prepare themselves and their clients. Session outline: 1. Today's retirement market 2. Advisor's roles in the retirement journey 3. Recordkeeper landscape and benefit changes 4. Consumer trends.

The Evolution from Plan Advisor to Benefits Advisor

The role of advisors is evolving from expertise in retirement plans to consulting on ancillary benefits such as HSAs, holistic wellness, student loan repayment benefits, emergency savings, etc. Join a panel of advisors to discuss the expanding scope of the advisor.

How to Avoid Burnout and Manage Stress

Matthew and Jake will be sharing tips and strategies on how to improve your productivity and avoid burn out while still driving massive results. Discover how you will increase your daily energy levels and better manage and even decrease stress. You will also learn how to maintain higher level job performance with greater focus and energy all while keeping a balanced family life.

MEPs: Increase Scale and Profitability

The session will discuss the SECURE Act and explore MEPs and Open MEPs as opportunities for advisors to grow their business. Financial professionals looking for a cost effective, state-of-the-art benefit plan, the kind you make available to larger employers, that is efficient to run, scalable, and profitable won’t want to miss this session. How about being able to offer a small employer access to a plan that offers a wide range of investments and effectively addresses the most common concerns for a small employer — cost, fiduciary liability, and administrative burdens? Learn more about how this is all available today in the form of Pooled Retirement Plan Arrangements.

How to Innovate in Your Consulting Practice

Small to mid-size consulting firms must decide whether to partner up or create their own proprietary services. Where will your firm be 5, 10, 15 years from now?